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A limitation of the study was that we never created any Personas for the people who could potentially be part of the survey. The survey could have been more focused. The current study gives some correlation between the variables collected, as shown in section 5.1 on page 4. To provide a stronger correlation between the different variables, additional information would be needed. The additional information would be to map the factors responsible for influencing the decision of the users.

Using this additional information a focus group can be used to understand if a product with all the variables with the highest correlation when put together would be a product that would be preferred over other products.Finally, we think that if more number of people are approached for the categories with limited responses, we would be able draw correlations, for different categories of the smart wearable device, between the specific policies and the derive ways to make a privacy policy more impactful than it currently is.

Github Repo

We have also added all the data and analysis code into a Github repository which also includes other data sources that we may have reference but not specifically mentioned or used in the final analysis.